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March  2022 - Exciting new project underway.

For those watching instagram you will have seen the progress of paintings for some stories I have been working on. I haven't really given much information to date as I have been concentrating on the creative process however I can now give you a better idea of what I am up to. 

Below are six paintings on canvas for a new travelling exhibition. These are famous fairy tales and folk stories from all over the world. All of them at some time have been reimagined by the likes of Grimm, Disney and the publishing world as well as individual storytellers from all corners of the planet. My versions will go back to the origins of some and others will be reimagined, by me, for relevance in todays world. At the fore will be strong female leads, cultural reference and satisying conclusions to adversity and struggle. There will be two versions for adults and children.

I have six more to complete to have a gallery of twelve then I can bring them to a library, art centre, school, village hall, residential home or any other venue near you. I will leave them during the day as a gallery however at a chosen time I will invite an audience in to hear each story told as a storytelling performance. I intend to get the pictures professionally photographed by the wonderful Mark Gowers and then create a hardback book and prints. I also hope, if a success, to include other storytellers to join me and tell their versions of similar stories. I have some way to go for the remaining pictures and a lot of words ahead of me. So I am committed to working on this until year end. Hopefully I can succesfully apply for a Developing Your Creative Practise grant to help me financially so that I can set all this up for the new year. 

I have many festivals to tell you about soon so watch out for Instagram - Mark Fraser Storyteller and other social media outlets. I am all over the UK from April at festivals big and small. I am a 'prize' in Nottinghamshire schools for a design competition, a day of storytelling for the winner. These beautiful paintings and my not so beautiful mug could visit your town no matter where you are in the UK. So please share this far and wide, follow me on instagram and then see if a local venue near you would like this fantastic exhibition and performance. Speak soon. Remember tomorrow is another story.


Chilled In A Field Festival 2019

'My children and I love the traditional storyteller' 

'My children loved the storyteller and wanted to be at the tent for every story. He was just fantastic'

"2019 was the first time we have had Mark Fraser Storyteller in our fields and woodland and we are hooked! His energy, his engagement with the story and his costumes are just fantastic. Most importantly, our guests loved him too! So much so that some feedback directly asks for him to come back, and we sincerely hope this will happen for 2020!

It was superb to see the faces of kids and adults as they listened to his wonderful stories and to hear the chattering discussions afterwards with characters being mimicked. 

Mark's enthusiasm, professionalism and shared ethos made him a joy to work with. When we suddenly had to switch the schedule about to put our wet weather plan in place he was more than happy to accommodate the changes. It was superb to work with him."

Festival Kidz Review Alfresco Festival 2017 - The storytellers were amazing and enthralled the children – I would go back to Alfresco just to see them again... The storytellers were brilliant – and the children were happy to go and watch them again and again. The last stories of the day were evening ‘spooky stories’

Cornwall Live 2017 - Rock Oyster Festival 2017. - Children under 12 go free and there was plenty for them to enjoy, storytelling from raconteur extraordinaire, Mark Fraser.

Jason Manford - Underneath the Stars Festival 2017 - I can't believe you kept my three girls enthralled for over half an hour with your stories, I'll take tips from you anytime! All the best and I will look out for you next time.

Festival Kidz - Willowman -  a fabulous interactive story tent called ‘Walk the Lines’ where stories were acted out

"Awesome guy,please get him back for next year, my little girl loved his stories." Looe Music Festival facebook, Sian Jenkinson

From literacy experts; "It was a joy to see the children immersed in the wonderful world of Walk the Lines." Tony Wilson - Literacy Keynote Speaker, Gate to Southwell Folk Festival

And even from kids, in the form of a letter written in their tents at night. "At Walk the Lines at least one thing is funny....Imagine a world without them!" My personal favourite, thank you Beth. aged 9.