Salcombe Ghost Story Tours

Salcombe Ghost Story Tours.

Christmas 2018

This Christmas treat yourself to a Christmas ghost story, or five. Telling ghost stories has been traditional for centuries. Jerome K Jerome put it nicely when he wrote in his 1891 collection Told After Supper "Nothing satisfies us on Christmas Eve but to hear each other tell authentic anecdotes about spectres. It is a genial, festive season, and we love to muse upon graves and dead bodies, and murders, and blood." Certainly Charles Dickens, Shakespeare and Christopher Marlow would agree, they are all supporters of "A sad tale is best for winter."

Unfortunately the practise of Christmas ghost stories started to dilute towards the end of the 19th century due to the increasing nature of celebrating Halloween or Samhain at the end of October, initially popular in the U.S and now increasingly in the U.K. However Christmas tales and stories can still be found, the BBC's The Signalman in 1976 has been repeated often as late as 2017, still causing unease as the Dickens original did. And what would Christmas be without A Christmas Carol in all its forms.

So with this in mind I started to look into the ghosts of my home town of Salcombe. I have  been telling stories for eight years all over the UK and beyond. Mostly for children and families, but it has often been asked if I ever do any purely for adults.This seemed like the ideal opportunity,so I researched local history and asked residents about the tales they knew. I have ended up with five original tales that will tingle the neck hairs, catch the breath and cause one to pause. I will guide you around a short walk of Salcombe stopping in various locations to recount the tales that intrigued me and fired my imagination. The final location will be a time for the most gruesome of tales and a warming libation to finish our festive session of horror, loss and revenge.

If you would like to join me please read the terms and conditions below, spaces are limited and this will be the first time these stories have ever been shared in public altogether, a unique and exclusive event that may never be repeated.

Thank you for your time, as we head towards an uncertain future what better way to celebrate the end of a year and the beginnings of a new with the messages and lessons of the past from the dead themselves.


Terms and conditions

1. Mark Fraser Hill is to be known as 'the organisers' for the purpose of theses terms and conditions.

This is an 18+ event. The stories are not suitable for children. The final destination for the tour is a public house where an alcoholic drink will be offered as part of the ticket price. Please do not bring children of any age along as you will not be able to accompany the tour should you do so no refund will be available..

2. The ticket price is £15 per person, there is a maximum of twenty spaces available for the tour. No refunds will be issued in light of cancellation within 48 hours of the booked tour. A cancellation fee of £2 will apply to all other refunded payments. Payment will be made either directly to Mark Fraser by cash or through paypal. Please contact to for further payment details and instructions. All payment must be made on booking or a minimum 48 hours befor the tour.

3. Please email for times and meeting instructions.

4. The organisers will do everything possible to ensure that attendees will be safe and secure during the tour, however as this will be taking place in public areas the organisers will take no responsibilities for accidents or injury incurred. There will be a distance covered during the tour, whilst it will not be a great distance attendees are expected to be able to keep with the group. The organisers have designed the route to include no steps or stairs, should any attendees wish to enter the public house at the end of the tour a ramp for the front entrance is available to negotiate two steps.

5. There is no sign language provision for this tour which the organisers regret, this is something that may be available in the future should this event be repeated. 

6. Legalese. The copyright and other intellectual property rights for all material on this Website and the tour belong to the site owner unless otherwise stated. You are permitted to use this website to view, read, print and download the material made available for such purposes, provided that you do not modify, reproduce or republish any content in any form without consent.

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9. The organisers will not be liable for any damage or loss to property and personal equipment either on the journey to the event, during the event and on the journey back home from the event. This includes any damage that may be caused by any spiritual or poltergeist activity during the event.

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